Visit Businesses Supporting Black Charities Matter! 

A strong vibrant business sector is dependent upon its citizens reaching their potential to be productive contributors to their communities. One of the ways that businesses can help their communities is by becoming social impact leaders. The following businesses support the charitable causes that affect the lives of those, who are seeking to become productive citizens. The survival of businesses is predicated on establishing this mutually beneficial relationship with the nonprofit sector. 


Business Participants  Week of Support

Bourgee' Boutique

4617 S Sherwood Forest Blvd, Baton Rouge, LA 70816

Phone: (225) 291-0443






“Bourgee’ Boutique is honored to be a supporter of Black Charities Matter in its efforts to raise funds for minority-led nonprofit organizations in the Greater Baton Rouge Area. Bourgee’ is excited to have the support of women, who like to make a fashion statement, visit her boutique during the Business Week of Support for Black Charities Matter. During the past 30 years, Bourgee’ has built relationships with customers through supporting their charitable endeavors and the causes that are important to them. Black Charities Matter provides an opportunity for Bourgee’ to be a corporate leader.”

Valerie Bourgeois, Fashion Stylist

Owner of Bourgee’ Boutique

Visit Businesses Supporting Black Charities Matter! 

Business Participants  Week of Support

The Bullfish Bar + Kitchen

 4001 Nicholson Drive. Suite D  Baton Rouge, LA 70808

    Phone:( 225) 478-1690





Involve Your Church!

Ask Your Pastor to Take Up a Collection!

Throughout the Civil Rights Movement, churches were extensively involved in the entire community as a whole and people’s living condition due to systemic racism; especially, the quality of life of those who lived in the immediate areas surrounding the churches.  

That involvement included: 

•         serving as a meeting  location to plan marches and demonstrations;

•         educating its congregants on the social justice movement;

•         supporting  the movement financially;

•         nurturing and developing leaders, such as Martin Luther King, and; 

•         more importantly, nourishing the spiritual being of those who were freedom fighters.

During the darkest periods of the Civil Rights Movement, the church offered a glimmer of hope that the future would be different, that God was at the helm of the movement for justice, and the scriptures provided the inspiration for continuing the struggle against discrimination. 

In addition, to preaching the Good news of salvation, churches demonstrated God’s love for the human race by fighting against persistent inequalities and poverty, showing compassion and kindness to those who were in need. 

Beyond providing a foundation for our faith to mature, churches can still address our communities’ deepest needs. Many churches are involved. 

Some churches implement community-based programs through establishing nonprofit organizations. Some churches pass out school supplies at the beginning of each school year or provide food pantries. Is this enough?

If we assess the living conditions of people in our communities, where churches are located, most of us would agree that more needs to be done. So, what would programs look like that are based on the needs of a community?

Targeted outreach programs can be provided that address specific needs of its members. 

These programs can become a catalyst for building a movement that extends beyond the church walls into the community. If targeted programs are not an option, churches can provide assistance to nonprofit organizations in their communities whether it is financial support or through providing volunteers. 

If you think that your church would like to do more, contact us because the opportunities are infinite.

Form a Fund-raising Team!

Join Forces and Create Impact.

Black Charities Matter’s strategies engage nonprofits and individuals, who may be interested in volunteering, learning about the nonprofit sector and building racially just and healthy communities. 

Through this collaboration, we hope to strengthen the nonprofit sector by connecting individuals and developing relationships among grassroots and nonprofit leaders with individuals, who do not work in the sector. 

The initial project will be forming teams to raise funds for Black Charities Matter.

If you are interested in starting a Black Charities Matter fund-raising team, we will provide trainings. Contact us for additional information.

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